Mr. YK SHI was deeply in love with art since he was a child, he was also influenced by his uncles, who were art professionals. Under the guidance of professionals in the field, Mr. SHI established the Wah Luen Handicraft Mfg. Co. in Hong Kong in 1988, and opened its factory in ShenZhen, China in 1990.

In 2004, Mr. SHI set up a subsidiary named “Hung Hei Development International Limited” and bought a 160,000 Square Meter Land for manufacturing near Guangzhou, the new industrial village is being built and will be opened in coming years.

Our company specializes in creating unique style artifacts, including antique-style porcelains, antique-style lamps, and classical furniture and with our highly sophisticated expertise in metal, bronze, alloy and iron casting. We are a well equipped antique-style artifact manufacturing company

With unique and exquisite style, high artistic value, general usability and appreciation value, our products are popular among buyers and collectors. We believe that the popularity and success of our product is highly dependent on the quality of our design and manufacturing. We attribute our success to our team of creative and sophisticated designers, and our experienced management. We value our customers and make every effort to provide reliable services and produce quality artifacts.

In the past 20 years, we have received numerous positive receptions from our customers and professionals in this field. It is our mission to continue to strive for excellence and improvements.

Items also can be made to order with requested pattern or own design. You are welcome to Hung Hei. We look forward to the opportunity to serving you.



Showroom in Hong Kong

Factory in Shenzhen

New factory is being built nearby Guangzhou